List of Forecasts

Each card shown below represents a previously-run forecast. These cards can be filtered and paged through using the controls on the left, and the colours and icons are explained at the bottom of this page.

Card Colours

Fresh forecast The forecast is based on the newest available data.
Recent forecast The forecast is based on reasonably new data, but should probably be regenerated.
Stale forecast There forecast is based on stale data and should be regenerated.
Failed forecast This forecast failed or was put on hold due to insufficient credit.


Indicates that the forecast is being generated. It may already be partially available.
Indicates that the forecast was put on hold due to insufficent funds.
Indicates that the forecast failed to run.
Indicates an aviation forecast which will show the weather at certain flight levels.
The forecast can be re-generated by clicking this icon.
The forecast can be removed by clicking this icon.
Click this icon to show other forecasts close to this one.